Participant Feedback

What people are saying!

Attendees of MYP workshops that I have conducted:

"Humorous way of interaction.

Engaging and friendly, plus open to questions and gave some good advice.

Jason was very knowledgable and friendly, and created a very welcoming learning environment.

Very experienced, understanding and explained well for everyone in different levels. Made the workshop more fun for participants to understand better with hands on activities and group activities. Pairing up in two was a good idea and made more comfortable for participants with less experienced MYP. Thanks to Jason, I enjoyed his workshop!!"

Various Participants - MYP Design Category 2 workshop - Hong Kong Regional Workshops, February 2018.

"The workshop leader was very engaging, has a great wealth of knowledge on the content of the workshop. He encouraged everybody to take part in all activities and his overall style was very relaxed yet encouraging and covered the content at a good pace.

Engaging, supportive, positive, energetic, Subject specific knowledge, flexible, adaptive

He is very familiar with the IB Design framework and requirement. He is very experienced in teaching Design.

Good nature, kept things moving, positive. Good knowledge of the material.

I've attended many F2F workshops over the past two years; this was one of two that truly was able to walk the line between full engagement and maximum delivery of information.

Knowledgable, well prepared."

Various Participants - MYP Design Category 2 workshop - Chadwick International, Incheon, Korea, September 2017.

"Highly knowledgeable, effective communicator and very engaging.

Energetic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging.

Friendly, drew on past experiences from travels and experience in other IB schools.

He was able to make the content relevant to our specific school and classes. Spoke to us individually.

Listening to our situation and helping us to shape workable ideas

Being very open and instilling in us that teaching the MYP is not about having black and white answers. His focus on what learning is

Clear concise personable."

Various Participants - Creating Authentic Units - GSLC, Darwin, Australia; July 2017

"He kept a good flow, kept moving us forward. He allowed adequate time for discussion and questions. He used humor to lighten moods and change up pace. He had good enthusiasm, energy and experience to share with us."

-Various Participants - Launching the MYP - QCIS, Qingdao, China; December 2016

"The workshop leader was open-minded, friendly and knowledgeable.

Good use of humor, confident, knowledgeable.

Excellent communicator. Friendly and very approachable.

Good candor and responsive to questions.

His skills, poise, and passion towards IB philosophy and pedagogy was top- notch and contagious.

The leader had a good presence, speaking voice.

Jason was enigmatic, accommodating and had a command of the subject which left us feeling secure in his responses and knowledge.

Able to keep and retain our attention as well as his organizational skills were obvious.

Encouraged group discussion.

He is very humorous. He is very knowledgeable. He makes many excellent suggestions."

-Various Participants - Category 3 - Creating Authentic Assessments, Kaohsiung, Taiwan; August 2016

“Clear explanation and detailed information;

The communication skills. The leader managed to have a very alive workshop and delivered the materials with confident;

Communicative , friendly and helpful;

Mr. Jason's knowledge about IB is very good. He showed a very good understanding not only about MYP but also about PYP curriculum;

He is in a advice against the problem of each member workshop.”

-Various Participants - Launching the MYP, Surabaya, Indonesia; January 2016

“Communication, Easy going, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Funny.

Jason was patient, friendly and knowledgeable.

Our workshop leader was very engaging. Unlike the instructors (from my site) in another workshop, I was fortunate in that I received communication from my workshop leader the week before the conference began.

He kept it interesting with video clips.

Great facilitator, highly knowledgeable, high level of experience, approachable.

Did a great job of explaining. Was an appropriate pace and engaging. Very ,very knowledgeable. Accommodated very well to various levels of experience of with the MYP design curriculum.

He did an excellent job of validating the people who were new to IB while challenging and incorporating the experiences of those who had been in IB settings for years.

The leader really differentiated well for people with all levels of design experience.

He was very engaging and kept us entertained during the workshop. In addition, he was always willing to share what he does and encouraged all of the participants to do the same.

Was able to articulately handle every question we had during our sessions. The guy seems to really know his IB stuff. He's also very engaging as a workshop leader.

Jason knows his content and was able to deliver it in a concise fashion. Well done!

He kept everyone engaged, and maintained a positive and encouraging attitude the entire time we were at the workshop.

Very experienced and knowledgeable, the class benefited from his range of experiences.

Keep doing what you are doing, you made the long days feel short.

Continue to serve as an inspiration to other teachers. Amazing experience.

Keep up the good work!

He was wonderful!

Keep up the awesome work.”

-Various Participants - MYP Design 2, Austin, Texas; July/Aug 2015

“Great, knowledgeable!!

He took us through doing a design project of making shoes out of paper.

Obviously, a very experienced IB teacher and good rapport with us.

Hands on.

Very interactive and helpful.

-knowledgeable -clear -engaging

Very Knowledgeable.

He provided digital copies of the guides we needed and he guided us through the steps of the unit planner.

Clear and informative.

Knowledge, humor, global focus.

He presented difficult material in a clear manner and provided a fun hands on experience.”

-Various Participants - MYP Design 1, Austin, Texas; July 2015

“He was approachable, knowledgeable, and likeable.

He was very knowledgeable and had lots of experience to share from various countries.

He was an engaging workshop leader.

He was great and very knowledgeable

Good communicator

Very personable, presented material in various ways, allowed time for discussions and our input”

-Various participants – MYP Design 1, Dallas, Texas; July 2015.

"Clear information and helpful;

Very good presentation skills in class;

The leader showed us fantastic ways to add inquiry into the classroom and I personally added inquiry into my MYP units immediately;

Very well prepared and organized. He was responsive to our questions and framed the discussion in a clear and understandable manner;

He was very engaging, humorous and personable. He also had good breadth and depth of knowledge of the subject and was also very down to earth."

-Various participants – Inquiry in the MYP, PIA, Phuket, Thailand; January 2015.

"Absolute command of the subject and a set of teaching tools; Jason was engaging, fun, on-message, very personable, just really modeled the kind of qualities that make for an exceptional MYP teacher.

Able to answer most of the questions with clear explanation

Clarity, helpfulness, knowledge of info; A good facilitator.

He provided an excellent model of how to teach aspects of the IB curriculum.

Jason is experienced in applying theory into teaching practice.

Listened to participants and tailored workshop to needs

Jason was very flexible, he worked with me for 2 months before delivering the workshop to ensure that he completed his "script" but also allowing us to develop our areas of weakness and follow through with ideas more thoroughly (all teachers already had CAT 1 training and many had CAT 2)."

-Various participants – Launching the MYP, QAIS, Qingdao, China; November 2014.

"He's a subject matter expert. Whatever you ask he can answer.

Jason was really engaging and helpful. I have leant a lot. He really understands the concerns and questions of the workshop participants. He was also very entertaining which helped with a 3-day workshop.

Good sense of humor, communication, delivery style, support technology (websites etc).

He knew the material and could relate as a teacher while encouraging group discussion.

Was knowledgeable and very in tune with what the participants needs were.

Jason did an excellent job! Informative, engaging, and useful information; he was interesting and friendly and presented the material in a useful and hands on approach that allowed us to learn and develop ideas while collaborating with peers/other experts. He really seemed to do his best to present the material and follow up afterwards when others or I had follow-up questions.

The workshop leader communicated honestly and shared his personal opinions on matters discussed in the workshop. Also introduced many resources as well as engaged the group to discuss and share resources."

-Various participants – MYP Design 2, WAB, Beijing, China; November 2014.

"Very approachable and knowledgeable. He seemed experienced and confident.

Organized, timely, very knowledgeable of IB, shared his experiences and suggestions to have an effective class.

Knowledge of subject, strong communication skills, willing to answer questions, interested in subject.

Jason was very patient with those of us who were new to the design course. He answered all questions and was very easy to understand.

Our presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging. He offered excellent training in implementing the Next Chapter in MYP Design.

Knew the material very well. Was very clear and seemed to enjoy teaching the IB MYP material.

Our leader made the workshop fun; thereby more learning took place. He was very encouraging and open-minded."

-Various participants – MYP Design 2, TIBS, Dallas, Texas; July 2014.

"Friendly, approachable manner. Responded well to questions and differentiated well. Clearly communicated and made sure the whole group was involved.

Very personable and knowledgeable. Knew the material very well and had extensive experience in IB bad the Design Process.

Mr. Reagin is a talented teacher with the ability to deliver information without overwhelming and confusing his audience.

He was a strong leader but also caring and understanding

Jason used lots of videos to show us the IB teaching style of INQUIRY based learning."

-Various participants - MYP Design 2, TIBS, Austin, Texas; July 2014.

"Was confident in regards to responding delivering the material. Approachable ensured he had the correct answer. Was understanding and encouraging.

Very approachable, encouraging and kept things moving at a good pace whilst still allowing for group discussion.

Jason is very personable and respectful of every one. He was very welcoming and took time with each participant when they requested extra help in break times. He always made sure that he acknowledged questions and did answer them either at the time of asking or later in a session where they were more relevant.

Great delivery. Ability to lead and listen. Great knowledge of content and ability to say we are getting better at this (rather than IB has it all sorted).

The ability to provide insight into the whole range of Design subjects and provide clear guidance to everyone."

-Various participants – MYP Design 3:Subject Specific Seminar, Melbourne, VIC, Australia; June 2014.

"Jason is very down to earth and enthusiastic about Design. He has a breadth of teaching experience, both teaching MYP in the US and in Asia. Jason was very knowledgeable of MYP Design and the application of it in the classroom. He answered questions well. He was positive and had a good feeling of what we needed as a group when to let us chat more in small groups and when to get us back on track and moving on to the next session.

Jason brought a lot of pertinent experience to the table and was able to direct all of our collective experience to productive ends."

-Various participants – MYP Design 3:Subject Specific Seminar, Singapore, Singapore; March 2014.

"Earnest, careful and adhering to principles.

Well-prepared and good workshop for short period of time. Much to digest all information but they are all extremely useful.


He was also obviously knowledgeable. He spoke from the heart and talked to us as equals."

-Various participants – MYP Design 1, Hong Kong, Hong Kong; February 2014.

"He was very knowledgeable and experienced. He allowed for a variety of learning styles and interests to be incorporated into the presentations by using lecture style (listening), discussions (speaking), videos (visual stimuli), music (auditory stimulation). That helped to break up the mundane feeling that workshops can sometimes have."

-Participant – MYP: The Next Chapter Category 3 In-School Workshop, Suzhou, China; February 2014.

"Good grasp of our current needs. Very positive and responsive.

He was able to clearly articulate how MYP worked and the framework that it provided for innovative and innovative inquiry learning for our students.

Thought he worked well as part of team. The workshop was interesting a flowed well."

-Various participants – Delivering the MYP Category 2 In-School Workshop, Wollongong, NSW, Australia; January 2014.

"Very knowledgeable of IB overall. Started and ended on time, very capable of handling people with vary degrees of IB experience. Best IB Workshop I have attended over last 7 years!

Jason was very engaging we as didn't have to do much sitting down, and he allowed for us to draw information from the experience that was in the room.

The leader was very knowledgeable about how to modify plans to fit schools need.

Very friendly, positive, and easy to understand. He was enthusiastic and resourceful.

Knowledge of the material as some of the material was newly released did a great job handling that aspect.

Easy to understand. Answered questions to best of ability given recent/new changes in IB materials.

Familiar with the Design Cycle and upcoming changes."

-Various participants - MYP Technology 2, TIBS, Austin, Texas; July 2013.

"A good speaker with interesting activities.

He was very engaging. Much of the material was a review for a lot of us, but he kept our interest.

Very knowledgeable of IB content

Excellent speaker!

Explained I.B. in ways that I could really comprehend and use in the classroom.

Very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor

He knew his material well, and he was able to relate to the public school teacher.

Fellowship with other teachers. Sharing ideas and learning the IB way.

Very clear communicator and kept us engaged."

-Various participants – Launching the MYP Category 1 In-School Workshop, Athens, Georgia; May 2013.

"Jason Reagin was an excellent leader. He was knowledgable and directed our learning towards our needs and always followed up with our questions and concerns. He was one of the best workshop leaders I have ever had, and I enjoyed him very much!

He knew what he was talking about, had a lot of experience, and also asked us for input and details about how we teach and incorporate MYP.

Very enthusiastic about IB and his content area; Gave great examples of things he did in his own classroom."

-Various participants – MYP Technology 2, New York City, New York; February 2013.

"Our workshop leader for the Technology group, Jason Reagin, was excellent. He consistently had us engaged in relevant activities that sparked great group discussions. I enjoyed his style of teaching, humor, and ability to relay the content in a meaningful way."

-Participant – MYP Technology 2, Bethesda, Maryland; August 2012.

"Mr. Reagin was knowledgeable in the IB MYP content and content area (Technology). He was also very personable and accommodating."

-Participant – MYP Technology 2, TIBS, Austin, Texas; July 2012

"Willingness to listen to all questions and concerns. Seemed very well rounded and knowledgeable about his subject and the IB material. His sense of humor and real world examples were excellent as he made the material interesting and interactive.

Mr. Reagin was a wealth of knowledge and was able to present at a comfortable pace. He was able to engage us and explain in detail what was expected for some of those areas we had questions about.

Bringing examples of rubrics he used was also very helpful. He was very personable."

-Various participants – MYP Technology 1, Jacksonville, Florida; January 2012.

"Jason was a wonderful workshop leader. He was able to answer questions about the curriculum and explain it in detail. He provided real world global examples that I was able to apply immediately in the classroom. He was engaging and funny!

Even having an extensive design process understanding, Jason found ways to challenge my thinking. Provides many examples, embodies the IB ideals, has years of experience. He brought relevant applications for CTE teachers to implement IB in their classrooms. Very adaptable/flexible with the group and knowledgeable to answer all questions asked. He was extremely encouraging when working on tasks and giving assistance."

-Various participants – MYP Technology 2, Alexandria, Virginia; November 2011

"Jason was personable and extremely helpful. He was also encouraging and well versed in the material; pleasant and knowledgeable, He knew the material."

-Participant – MYP Technology 1, Chandler, Arizona; October 2011